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A Square Deal 24 hour car locksmith automotive service is your best source for quick and reliable service in Polk County. 
As an expert locksmith in Lakeland, A Square Deal Locksmith will help you to protect what you value most. Here are some of the services we offer as a residential locksmith in Lakeland, FL.


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Residential Door & Frame Repair
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Most people don't realize what's behind their door trim and drywall...
Yes, we see the beauty of your entrance, but we also look at it as the barrier between you and the outside world. A Square Deal Locksmith's door installations and or frame repair has your security in mind from start to finish. To us its more than being able to hang a door plumb. We work on doors that have been assaulted daily we know exactly how to make your door a true barrier, to the outside world.
A Square Deal Locksmith 24 Hour Door Repair Services
Fast Reliable Service ready and equipped to repair,replace or improve your door and frame. Products and services on-hand to repair your door frame and a locksmith to repair your locks 24 Hours a day 7 days a week.
By preventing door kick-ins, installing a frame reinforcement strengthen's the door frame and the area around the lock. Strike Master turns soft wood door frame casings into solid steel. Strike Master is installed into the wall studs or or concrete opening. The Strike Master II Pro comes with the Door Edge Pro which reinforces the door and keeps it from splitting during kick-in attempts.
Strike Master II Pro
Entry door has a 1-3/4" thick insulating core and is energy star qualified. Pre-applied weather-striping and an adjustable sill to help keep your home comfortable throughout the year. The slab has a 6 panel design that can complement a variety of home styles.
Anderson 3000 series 36" aluminum white,  attractive light amitting design with rekeyable dead bolt lock. This storm adds beauty and security.
Add an additional layer of security by installing a storm door
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The most common problem with entry doors are, rot from moisture and carpenter ants. Some doors you are able to see light coming through and around the door when it is closed. Any of these conditions means your door is not efficient nor secure. Another common problem is a binding door, making it hard to open and close. This condition puts extra ware and tear on your locks making your exit, a safety hazard. Contract A Square Deal Locksmith for your residential exterior door needs. We stock standard 6 panel doors but if there is something you like particularity buy your door and have a security professional install it for you.