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A Square Deal 24 hour car locksmith automotive service is your best source for quick and reliable service in Polk County.
As an expert locksmith in Lakeland, A Square Deal Locksmith will help you to protect what you value most. Here are some of the services we offer as a residential locksmith in Lakeland, FL.
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We understand the need of changing your locks as soon as you move into your new house .this is the first step you should take to avoid any access to previous owners, maid, Gardner or anybody having the old keys to your property. We offer 15% discount on all locks and locksmith related work for your new home, apartment, and condo
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The best time to replace the locks on your new home is before you start living in it and before you move your personal items in your new home.
Have other people worked, owned, or rented, your new home before you. Has a contractor and or sub contractors been used to build your home, well there a possibility of duplicate keys. Changing the keys should be a top priority. Spare keys have been handed out to  tradesman, pet sitter, delivery person, visiting friend, relative even neighbor “agreed”?

Changing keys upgrading locks are a minor expense and maybe a bit of inconvenience, but nothing like the expense and inconvenience of any personal loss. Ok, “there is the reason for re-keying or replacing your locks. Now here is three reasons to use A square Deal Locksmith. One we want your business period, 2 willing to give you the best prices and 3 A Square Deal Locksmith offers the best service you can get in Polk County”.

Welcome to Polk, and hope to talk soon.

James Mouchette CEO.